PC8 | Pci Sound Card



Pci Plug And Play (Pnp) Bus Interface, 32-Bit Pci Bus Master.

Comprehensive Driver Support: Windows 98/98Se, Windows 7, Windows Me.

Downloadable Wave Table Synthesizer, Supporting Direct Music.

Microphone Echo And Karaoke Ascending/Descending Key Effects.

3.1 & 5.1 Channel Audio Card.

32 Bits Pci Sound Quality.

Directsound3D Compatible.

Directsound3D Hardware Acceleration.

Full-Duplex Playback And Recording. Built-In 16-Bit Codec.

Hrtf-Based 3D Positional Audio (C3Dx ) For Earphone And 4 / 6 Ch Speakers Output, Supporting Both Directsound 3D & A3D Interfaces.

Windows 2000, Windows Xp And Windows 7, Windows Nt 4.0 Linux, Beos, Etc .

Mpu-401 Game/Midi Port And Legacy Audio Sb Pro Support.

Professional Digital Interface, Supporting 24-Bit Spdif In/Out (Hardware 44.1K And 48K In/Out).

Single Chip Design, Digital Power +3.3V, Analog Power +5V, 128 Pins.

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Dimensi 5 × 5 × 5 cm