PC7 | Pci Sata 1+2


Pci Sata 1+2

Type: Pci To Sata / Ide Card
Internal 1394 Ports: 1 X Sata
External Ports :2 Internal Sata And 1 Internal Ide
Data Transfer Rate: Sata: 1.5Gbps

– Compliant With Serial Ata Specification Rev. 1.0
– Compliant With Pci Specification Rev. 2.2
– Compliant With Pci Bus Power Management Specification Rev. 1.1
– Parallel Ata Interface
– Slot Type: 32-Bit Pci
– Supports Serial Ata Data Transfer Rates Up To 1.5Gbps
– Features Independent 256-Byte Fifos Per Channel For Host Reads And Writes
– Supports 32-Bit Wide Pci Bus At 66Mhz
– Lower Pin Count And Voltage Requirement, Plus Better Cabling Over Traditional
Parallel Ata Make Serial Ata The Controller Of The Future

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Dimensi 5 × 5 × 5 cm