MP31 | Mousepad Steelseries Tyloo L11 Gaming Mouse Pad ( 25X21 Cm )


Mousepad Logilily L11 ( 25X21 Cm )

Speed Surface For Faster Mouse Movements
Size?25 Cm X 21 Cm
Soft And Flexible For Easy Storage
Professional Edge Seamed Makes The Mouse Pad More Durable
Unique Textured Design Process
High Density
Non-Slip Rubber Base
Material: Natural Rubber, Cloth
High Quality, Eco-Friendly, Looks Really Awesome, Made For Gamers But At The Same Time Looks Sharp And Classy For The Office.
Anti-Fray Rugged Stitching Surrounds Mouse Pad To Increase Durability. Machine Washable.
Ultra-Smooth, Low-Friction Fabric Surface Gives You Exceptional Tracking Performance And Aiming Precision With Optical And Laser Technology.
Non-Slip, Stable, Natural Rubber Base Keeps Your Mouse Pad In Place Even During The Most Intense Gaming Action.

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Dimensi 5 × 5 × 5 cm