FC6 | Fan Casing Nyk Nemesis Lightshow Rgb


Deskripsi Fan Casing Nyk Nemesis Lightshow Rgb
Fan Casing Nyk Nemesis Lightshow Rgb

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– Silent Fan
– High Performance Fan
– Long Live Fan
– Height 120Mm

Fan Casing With High Performance And Rgb Led Lightning

Nyk Nemesis Lightshow Is A Gaming Fan Case That Have High Performance Fan, Long Live , Silence Sound And Beautiful Rgb Led Lighting That Makes Your Case More Cool And Beautiful At The Same Time.

Silent And Long Life Fan
High Quality Fan

Nyk Lightshow Also Have Silent Fan That Not Disturbing You While Playing Games. This Aura Rgb Also Have Long Live Fan.

Technical Specification

– Input Power: 2.4W
– Dimension: 120 X 120 X 25Mm
– Weight: 120G
– Voltage: 12V
– Current: 0.27A
– Fan Speed: 1300 @13% Rpm
– Air Flow: 51.3Cfm @10%
– Air Pressure: 2.32Mm/ H20
– Bearing Type: Hydraulic
– Noise Level: 13.8Db (A)
– Connector: 4 Pin (2.54)
– Life Expectancy: 13.8Db (A

Nyk Nemesis – Identity Of Gamers

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Dimensi 5 × 5 × 5 cm