CO24 | Converter Mini DP To Vga/ Hdmi/ Dvi


This Product With Three Output Ports, And You Can Choose One Of Them To Use At A Time As You Demand, The Functions Of The Port As Followings:
1.Dvi Output, Connect The Dvi Devices Using A Dvi Cable.
2.Hdmi Output, Connect The Hdmi Devices Using A Hdmi Cable.
3.Vga Output, Connect The Vga Devices Using A Vga Cable.
4.Mini Display Port, Connect Mac Book, Mac Book Pro, Or Mac Book Air.

Please Make Sure That Your Mac Has Mini Dp Port Or Thunderbolt Port
Only One Of The 3 Outputs Could Be Used At A Time, You Cannot Use All Of Them Simultaneously
The Following Mac/Apple Computers Support Audio Pass-Through Via Mini Displayport.

Macbook 13″ Model 7,1 (Mid 2010)
Macbook Pro 13″ Model 7,1 (Mid 2010)
Macbook Pro 15″ Model 6,2 (Mid 2010)
Macbook Pro 17″ Model 6,1 (Mid 2010)
Macbook Pro 13″ Model 8,1 (Early 2011 / Thunderbolt)
Macbook Pro 15″ Model 8,2 (Early 2011 / Thunderbolt)
Macbook Pro 17″ Model 8,3 (Early 2011 / Thunderbolt)

Macbook Air 11″ Model 3,1 (Late 2010)
Macbook Air 13″ Model 3,2 (Late 2010)

Mac Mini Model 4,1 (Mid 2010)

Imac 27″ Model 10,1 (Late 2009)
Imac 27″ Model 11,1 (Late 2009)
Imac 21.5″ Model 11,2 (Mid 2010)
Imac 27″ Model 11,3 (Mid 2010)

Mac Pro Model 5,1 (Mid 2010)

Microsoft Surface Pro & Pro 2 3

1.Support Mini Display Port 1.1A Dual-Mode Input.
2.The Hdmi Can Support Audio Output For Imac (Late 2009) And Mac Book Pro (Mid 2010)
3.Support Hdmi/Dvi/Vga Output With The Max Resolution Of 1920X1080P@60Hz, 225Mhz/2.25Gbps Per Channel (6.75Gbps All Channel), 12Bit Per Channel (36Bit All Channel) Deep Color.
4.Automatic Detect The Display By Plugging And Unplugging It.
5.Powered From Mini Display Port Source.

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Dimensi 5 × 5 × 5 cm